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Line Neuromarketing and Consumer Behavior

Thanks to new technologies, research into the brain (often appearing under the heading neuroscience or cognitive science), has provided us with unprecedented insights into how the brain functions.
Behavioral research has come a long way in understanding how consumers’ unconscious minds influence how they buy.
Bill will provide you with a deeper understanding of how consumers think and make decisions. You will develop a conceptual framework that identifies the key drivers of consumers purchase decisions and the challenges marketers face when attempting to influence decision making.

Line The Voice of Customer Research

Bill will walk you through how to integrate it into your company, including how to design the survey, how to collect the responses and interpret them. It identifies the level of Loyalty that might exist in your customer base. It provides operational, actionable, real-time feedback that is truly representative of your customers' experience as a whole.

Line Multicultural Marketing
Your project will be designed with an understanding of in-culture nuances and lifestyle. Each program is a customized assessment based on your actual business, industry and market profiles. Bill offers a full service in respectful execution of the message.

Line International Strategy
In today's highly competitive arena, expansion into international markets is a critical issue for most growing companies. Bill has worked with companies worldwide developing and implementing strategies for market entry and market development, international product launch and repositioning. He has also worked with companies to cross-fertilize international best practices. Bill's background and experience in fast growth markets such as China, Africa, Brazil and India, as well as the more mature markets of Europe and North America are a matchless asset. Scanning new horizons? Give Bill a call!
Line Innovation Strategy
Radical innovations are those that produce great transformations! They often require a different type of thinking. Bill can help you to strategically create and lead the innovation process within your company. He will work with you to choose the right tools that can impact your company's ability to successfully capitalize within your field. He can help you to get focused on creativity and innovation, realize your business potential and increase your bottom line.

Line In- Company Training
Before Bill suggests a possible solution, he will spend time with you exploring your organization's context and circumstances. He will then discuss the various learning options, so you can be sure you will receive the right solution to help your organization stay ahead in today's challenging business environment. Based on your objectives, he will develop practical, relevant seminars, events or courses for you. His methodologies often include the use of case studies, individual and group work and plenum discussion; all in a comfortable and welcoming environment that encourages employees to practice newly acquired skills.

Line Executive Coaching
Each organization is unique and every individual within as well. Bill will listen and react to your comments and feelings, and will work with you to attain your personal goals according to your specific needs. He provides supportive and imaginative coaching based on real-life work situations, allowing you to increase your professional competencies, improve personal effectiveness and increase loyalty from staff. You will see that there are often different ways to approach problems, resulting in better synergy with organizational objectives.