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I'm Bill.


Bill is originally from Harlem, New York. He grew up in Africa, Europe and the U.S.A. He has an MBA from IMD in Switzerland and did his doctoral work at GWU in D.C.

After stints with Chrysler, AT&T and GM in Detroit and London, Bill moved to Switzerland; went solo, and has been in the radio, music, consulting and oil business ever since. Along the way he has built and run recording studios in Africa and Switzerland, garnered a gold record, and has taught (and continues to teach) at some of the world’s leading business schools (IMD; IE; RSM; Hult; BMI; DTU).

His consulting client list has included companies such as Nestle, Volvo, HSBC and a few others.

He currently teaches and monitors start-ups in search of new opportunities, and travels between Boston, Geneva

and Rotterdam. 

my services

Research into the brain has provided us with unprecedented insights into how the brain functions.

Neuromarketing and Consumer Behavior

The Voice of Customer Research

How to integrate it into your company, including how to design the survey, how to collect the responses and interpret them. 

Multicultural Marketing

Your project will be designed with an understanding of in-culture nuances and lifestyle.

International Strategy

Developing and implementing strategies for market entry and market development, international product launch and repositioning. 

Section 1

"I was fascinated by Prof. William Carney's charismatic personality and the love of life he was radiating. His style can be best described by the following quotation from the novel Faust by Johann Wolfgang Goethe: "Dear friend, all theory is grey, and green the golden tree of life". Instead of dryly delivering the underlying truths contained in the textbooks, he kept provoking his audience with questions and emphasising the most important points illustrated by abundant audiovisual materials."

Sales Manager for the Baltic States, GlaxoSmithKline Lietuva, UAB

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